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Solar Installers in Wakefield

RV2 Power provides innovative electrical solutions that make a difference across the whole sector.

We are the premier solar installers in West Yorkshire, specialising in Solar Panel advice, installation, and maintenance.

RV2 Power provides nationwide installation of commercial electric vehicle chargers.


Solar Installations

Offset energy bills with self-generation

The Solar revolution continues to gather pace. Whether it is a warehouse, the office, or at home the best way to reduce your costs and your carbon footprint is to install a solar PV system and begin generating electricity yourself.

Battery Storage Systems

Store the power you generate


Further reduce your operating costs by adding battery storage to your solar PV system. This will allow you to store more of the energy that you generate, to be used for your own benefit later. The more energy you can store, the less susceptible you are to fluctuations in market prices for energy.

EV Charger Installtion

Powering the EV across the UK



We have established ourselves as a key installation partner assisting in the rollout of the Tesla network and currently have numerous projects under construction and in the pipeline.

System Design & Support

Effective Solutions for all requirements

If you know what you want but don't know how to accomplish it please speak to the team at RV2. All electrical matters can be designed by us.  If you want a Workplace EV Charging system for your work colleagues, speak to us.


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