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Start Your Solar Journey with RV2 Power

Solar setups are as unique as people's homes and the RV2 team understands this when they meet with you to discuss your requirements

We have put the following steps together to simplify things and make your solar adoption an easy process.


During this consultation, the RV2 team will assess your energy needs and recommend the best solar panel system for your home or business. We will take the time to explain the different options, the pros and cons of different setups and we will make sure that you have a full understanding of the products and services available to you.


After the consultation, we will provide you with a full proposal that outlines the cost of the solar panel system, including installation and any additional fees. The RV2 team are always on hand to clarify any points or go over any questions you may have.  We are proud that many of our customers come from word of mouth and there will never be any high-pressure sales tactics.


Once you have committed to purchase from RV2 we will schedule the installation. This typically involves installing solar panels on the roof, connecting the panels to the electrical system, installing any batteries and setting up monitoring equipment to track energy production



After installation, the system will be inspected to ensure that it meets safety standards and works as expected



Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that the solar panel system continues to function optimally. This may include cleaning the panels, checking for damage, and scheduling inspections.

For a free design & quotation speak to our team on 0330 118 0089 or use the contact form below


Above is 1 x 6.4kw with 10kw battery storage system, installed as an in-roof system to keep kerb appeal as requested by the customer.

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