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RV2 Power are excited to be a certified installer for Tesla Powerwall. Power your home and electric vehicle with renewable energy, reducing your reliance on the grid.

Solar panels often generate more clean energy than you need. With Powerwall, a rechargeable home battery, you can store excess energy from your solar panels for later use, even during a power outage.

Monitor and control your energy production and usage with the Tesla app, giving you 24/7 access to your self-powered system.

Why choose a Tesla Powerwall?


The Tesla Powerwall stands out for its compact design and effortless integration into your home, thanks to its built-in battery inverter. Just like all Tesla products, Powerwall receives updates with new features through over-the-air updates.

Safety at your fingertips


Designed to be touch-safe, ensuring safety for every member of the family, and eliminating live wires and bulky vents.

Durable Design


that features a durable design with a water-resistant and dustproof enclosure which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Adaptable setup


Choose between wall-mounted or floor-mounted installation options. Stack up to nine Powerwall units to power homes of various sizes according to your needs.

Stay connected at all times


Effortlessly monitor your solar energy usage in real-time and receive alerts notifying you about your Tesla Powerwall preparing for cloudy or severe weather conditions.

Tesla Energy!

RV2 Power is excited to learn about the launch of Tesla Energy, setting the stage for healthy competition with industry giants like Eon, British Gas, and Octopus. Tesla Energy is prepared to beat any deal for selling excess energy to the grid, making it an attractive choice for homeowners looking to maximize their returns.

Additionally, there's a buzz about Tesla Energy soon offering unlimited charging during the night for your batteries, all bundled into a conveniently fixed fee. Imagine the convenience and cost-savings this could bring to your home and electric vehicle charging.

At RV2 Power, we're here to facilitate this energy revolution. We specialise in seamless Tesla Energy installations, ensuring you can take full advantage of these groundbreaking offers. Stay tuned for more updates on how you can harness the power of Tesla Energy with RV2 Power!

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